The Vegan Solution

May 11, 2009

telling others what to do…

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I’d like to see an end to the complaints about what animal advocates are saying to others. What’s much more important, in my opinion, is what meat-eaters are doing, to innocent animals, every time they sit down to eat.

Unfortunately, as with most (if not all) other atrocities in the world, advocating for an end to animal slavery requires us to suggest that others change their lifestyle.

Animal slavery exists because people eat animals and their products. Period. The only way it will end is if people are willing to change their habits. The only way that will happen is if they are properly educated about the sources of their ‘food’.

Isn’t advocacy for any cause an attempt to persuade others to adopt your ideals?

Wasn’t it the tireless advocacy for equality and basic rights for all people that put an end to widespread human slavery? It too, was violently opposed by those who had a personal stake in its continuation.

If the message is one of compassion, kindness and non-violence, then sharing that belief with others, and yes, even advocating for others to adopt the same belief is not something to be angrily opposed.

The animal industry, aside from inflicting horrific suffering on vast numbers of innocent creatures, is a major contributor to many of the worst problems our planet is facing, from global warming to species extinction. It also takes food out of the mouths of starving people all over the third-world.

Those who speak out about the vegan cause with the intention of abolishing animal exploitation are making a stand that is noble. The fact that we want everyone to do as we do is completely understandable. Meat eating is destroying the planet that we all share.

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It is obscene that vegans and even vegetarians have to fear the catastrophic fate that meat-eaters are forcing on us all.


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